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Dendrites, by Michel Dr Broin, is located on the north side of the Bonaventure project and is located on both sides of Notre-Dame Street. The two stepped sculptures (north and south trunks) that make up the work recall the trunks of very large trees, with their networks of branches that unfold. Of similar morphologies, they are distinguished by their size and sinuosities. Constructed of Corten steel, the work takes on the ocher color of the tree trunk it represents. It is also a reminder of the industrial past of the site and its iron structures.


Through its surface oxidation, Corten steel participates in the molecular theatre of nature. The microscopic crystallization of the iron particles on its surface recalls the formation of the dendrites, creating a parallel between the ramified form of the staircase and its material. The strategy supporting my artistic approach consisted in abstracting the staircase from its architectural framework to make it exist autonomously as a work of art offered to the aesthetic experience. Recontextualized through a new sculptural configuration, the staircase ceases to be a utilitarian object, but retains its qualities of circulatory system allowing the movement of human beings.

Time Lapse Video:  Dendrite Assembly
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