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About the Company

Lafontaine Iron Werks Inc. was established to facilitate the concept, design, and fabrication of metal public art pieces through the corroboration of Canadian as well as International Artists and their ideas.  We originally established our locally owned and family operated business in Tiny, ON in 2011.  Our motto is “our only limitation is your imagination” and we live up to it flawlessly.  We are a family run business which focuses on providing excellent customer care while bringing to life any design your imagination can conjure up. 

About the Owners

Mike and Cheryl Bilyk have been fabricating metal parts since 1990 in a large shop in Barrie, ON.  In 2011, we closed up the shop in Barrie and brought the ideas and the expertise to Tiny, ON, where we have been residing since 1999.  Together with our children and grandchildren, we have added manufacturing stunning garden art to the list of accomplishments.  And yes, our children and some of our grandchildren work in the shop.

About the Products

The products are all designed and fabricated on site locally and ethically from Canadian sourced materials.  Purchase from our stunning garden art section to beautify your home inside and out.  The fire balls and fire pits can be custom cut from a design that only you can imagine or purchase from our exciting existing designs. 

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