Our Stamping facility is now located in our main plant. The recent move has consolidated our 3 shops into one massive expansion at our 760 Bayview location.


Stamping is a process that uses specially created tooling to cut and form parts in a single process. We have an extensive selection of in house tooling and also manufacture custom tooling for our clients.

Common Materials Stamped.


All grades of stainless steel and aluminum, high- and low-carbon steel, brass, copper, phosphorous bronze, beryllium, lead, plastic, rubber, cork and composite materials.


Common styles

  • Terminal Cup Washers

  • Mesh Washers

  • Belleville Washers

  • Bowed Washers

  • Tab lock washers

  • Lock Washers

  • 2- and 3-point Wave Washers

  • Wall Plates

  • Escutcheons



Hardening, anodizing, and all surface treatments also available.